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When the occasion arises when you need to send that extraordinary gift or fragile esteemed artifact, RSVP Global stands at the epitome of skill in ensuring its safe and secure transport. Our expertise extends beyond mere bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts. We provide the ultimate protection for your items to be shipped. We construct custom crates crafted to perfection for large, extremely delicate items requiring augmented security. No task is too modest or complex for our professional team to safeguard shipping meticulously. Leaving Palm Beach Island is unnecessary for those who want to pack items themselves. One can find all the packing essentials when entering RSVP’s doors. You’ll find an array of packing materials, including tape, boxes, labels, and protective fillings, to ensure your shipments are poised for seamless, safe transport.


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For over 30 Years, family-owned RSVP Global has offered packing, shipping, moving and storage services to discerning clients. With a dedicated, professional team, a fleet of vehicles and two locations, RSVP Global provides unparalleled service.

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