Pick Up & Delivery

Our fleet of cargo vans and trucks provides friendly, reliable, responsive pick up and delivery service. You no longer need to bring your possessions to us, we will come to you. RSVP Global is pleased to arrange pick up of any item and then provide shipping, moving or storing services per your request.

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No item too big, no item too small, RSVP Global is able to help with any of your packing needs. Regardless of weight, size, fragility or value our crew of experienced handlers will safely and effectively wrap, box, secure, crate and seal a single item or an entire estate.


Our estimating and logistical team has more than 50 years of combined technical domestic and international transportation experience. RSVP’s fleet of over-the-road trucks and vans offer expeditious transportation service throughout the US. In addition, We work with all major carriers to ensure the most reliable and efficient results for all of our customers.

Whether you have artwork, household goods or a complete estate move, we can provide the packing, storage and transportation solutions. We can pack anything from simple boxing of non-breakables to the wood crating of valuable artwork and deliver it expeditiously to your recipient or residence anywhere in the world. We can provide the necessary insurance you require while your possessions are in our care.

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Whether around the block, around the country or even around the world, we provide the highest level of timely, cost conscious service to accomplish your transportation requirements. We can also store your personal possessions in a safe, secure, climate controlled facility for any length of time you require.

Our experienced crew will help ensure that your move is seamless and trouble-free. Our team will professionally pack, unpack and place your belongings as directed. Our modern, efficiently operated, air conditioned storage facility located in Palm Beach Gardens, can handle any storage requirement for any length of time.

This state-of-the art facility offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week video monitoring and limited access for the highest level of security. We can provide access to your belongings with 24 hours notice, during business hours or with 48 hours notice we can accommodate your schedule outside of normal business operations.

Receiving, Inspection and Installing

We work with many Designers and Families to receive and inspect items going to their new or remodeled residences. We can store these items until required to deliver and install.

Our installation service is designed to work with you or your designers to provide complete satisfaction. We place all items in their proper locations, remove all packing materials and can hang artwork if necessary

In addition to rapid thorough response to your packing and shipping needs, we are pleased to offer a menu of other useful services at our Palm Beach storefront:

  • Private Mailbox Rental Accepts All Carriers
  • Facsimile Send and Receive
  • Mail and Parcel Receiving and Forwarding Services
  • Storage
  • Painting Hanging Services
  • Local Pickup Services
  • Free Packing, Shipping and Moving Quotes

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